About the JGGSF

Junior Girls' Golf

Scholarship Foundation

The Junior Girls' Golf Scholarship Foundation (JGGSF) is a charitable 501(c)(3) organization with the purpose of providing financial assistance in the form of scholarship monies to college or university bound women in the State of Florida with a demonstrated interest in golf. In 2023, we awarded a total of $60,000 in scholarship monies to deserving young women scholarship candidates. The Foundation administers several scholarships, including: the Sarah E. Huneycutt Scholarship, the Peg and Bill Roberts Scholarship, the Peggy Brass Scholarship, the Marcia Mileti Scholarship, the Larry Flynn Memorial Golf Scholarship, the Kristin Myrick Ilich Memorial Scholarship and several one-time Board-discretionary JGGSF individual scholarship awards. Ideal scholarship recipients are young women of good character who share a passion and love for the game of golf, demonstrate the positive impact the game has had on their lives and have a genuine need for academic financial assistance. 

The Sarah E. Huneycutt Scholarship

The Penny-A-Stroke effort was established and initially led by Sarah Huneycutt, an avid golfer and enthusiast for junior golf.  When Sarah passed away the Sarah E. Huneycutt scholarship was established in her honor and endowed by Aloyse Holman, a lifetime friend.

This four-year scholarship of $5000 per academic year ($20,000 total) is awarded annually to a deserving high school senior woman who is a Florida resident, will be attending an accredited Florida college or university, has demonstrated an interest in golf but is not eligible for a golf athletic scholarship, shows financial need and maintains a grade point average of 3.0 or higher.

The Peg & Bill Roberts Scholarship

This annual $10,000 scholarship was established in 2015 in memory of Peg & Bill Roberts and is awarded each year to a deserving woman who is a Florida resident and will be attending an accredited United States college or university.

Peg and Bill Roberts enjoyed a lifetime of playing golf, during both their work careers in Maryland and retirement in Florida. Golf started early in Peg’s life as she had memories of growing up watching her Mother play at the country club in Tacoma,WA in the 1920's before she started the game herself.

Peg and Bill embraced the life values of honesty, hard work, respect and courtesy. These values are also learned and embraced though golf sportsmanship, on and off the course. When their children grew up playing golf, they worked as volunteers to help pass on these values to the next generation in the very active Junior Golf program in the Maryland-Virginia area.

In addition to golf, the opportunity that education can provide to prepare young adults for a successful life and community contribution was always a high priority to Peg and Bill. So the establishment of the Peg & Bill Roberts Scholarship for Junior Girl Golfers in the State of Florida is a perfect legacy of their lifework.

The Kristin Myrick Ilich Memorial Scholarship

The newest of our scholarships, the Kristin Myrick Ilich Memorial Scholarship, is being established in 2019. Any Polk County graduating high-school senior girl who demonstrates a financial need, has maintained a 3.5 GPA and demonstrates high moral character will be eligible to apply for this annual $5,000 (minimum) scholarship.

Kristin passed away at the young age of 38 following a courageous battle with cancer. Among her many achievements was the impact she made on her community through leadership and dedicated volunteerism. As a teacher, she valued education. Growing up, Kristin was extremely creative and very focused. Golf was important to her as she started playing with her parents as a family activity, always striving to do her best and to improve. This scholarship honors Kristin's memory and mirrors the positive impact she made in her Lakeland community. 

The Larry Flynn Memorial Scholarship

The Larry Flynn Memorial Scholarship was established in 2018. For the past 40 years, Larry was very active in and a great supporter of junior golf, but especially girls junior golf. Larry is remembered fondly by many of Florida's amateur golfers and his family hopes by establishing this scholarship, it will be a lasting honor and tribute to their father's service to amateur junior golf.

The Marcia Mileti Scholarship

In 2013, golf lost a great friend in Marcia Mileti. This $2000 annual scholarship was established in 2014 to honor our long-time friend of golf. She is dearly missed by her long-standing golfing friends. This scholarship honors Marcia's service to amateur golf as a past-President for FWSGA and long time Florida team captain at the SWATCA tournaments

The Peggy Brass Scholarship

This $1500 annual scholarship was established in 2014 to honor long-time supporter of women's golf, Peggy Brass. Peggy was a noted competitor having Qualified for numerous USGA Championships (Girls' Junior, Women's Amateur, Women's Mid-Amateur and Women's Senior Amateur.) At the Regional level, Peggy was a multiple time Women's Southern Golf Association Senior Champion. At the State level, Peggy captured both the State Amateur and Senior Amateur titles as well as being a multiple time Orlando Women's Golf Association (OWGA) Champion. Peggy also served on the Board of the FWSGA as Vice-President and Treasurer and served on the OWGA Board for many years.

One Time Scholarship Awards

At the discretion of the JGGSF board, several one-time scholarships of varying amounts are frequently awarded to deserving women who have made it to the final interview for the Sarah E. Huneycutt, Peg & Bill Roberts, Kristin Myrick Ilich, LarryFlynn, Peggy Brass and Marcia Mileti Scholarships, but who are not selected among that year's recipients.

Scholarship Applications

For each year's awards, applications open the preceding November 1st and close at the end of May. Final scholarship interviews are generally conducted in June. Recipient announcements occur no later than July. For additional information on how to apply, please visit the How to Apply page.

History of JGGSF

The Junior Girls' Golf Scholarship Foundation is a volunteer based organization originally established in 1995 by the Board of Directors of the Florida Women's State Golf Association (FWSGA) as the Junior Girls' Scholarship Fund (JGSF.) In 2005 the Sarah Huneycutt Scholarship was created. When the FWSGA merged with the Florida State Golf Association (FSGA) in 2011, the JGSF remained independent of the merger and continued on as the Junior Girls' Golf Scholarship Foundation (JGGSF.) In 2014 the Peggy Brass and Marcia Mileti Scholarships were established and in 2015 the Peg & Bill Roberts Scholarship was established. Then in 2018 the Larry Flynn Memorial Scholarship was established followed by the Kristin Myrick Ilich Memorial Scholarship in 2019. Each of our scholarships helps to forward the mission of administering scholarship funds to deserving college-bound Florida women.


Please consider making a donation to help support the JGGSF. We would be delighted to continue receiving support from former Penny-A-Stroke activities, to accept a donation in memory of a golfing friend who is now dearly missed, or to continue receiving the regular contributions of our many loyal supporters who have been so generous through the years. To make a donation, please contact the JGGSF Treasurer. Donation checks should be made payable to Junior Girls' Scholarship Fund.

Getting Involved

Many women have volunteered their time through the years helping to interview scholarship applicants. Interviewers often say this is one of the most rewarding volunteer experiences they have ever had. Interview volunteers are provided with interview guidelines, an interview form and the name of an applicant in their area. Interviewers are responsible to schedule a time to meet with the candidate, conduct the interview and then submit an interview report to the JGSF Board. To find out more about volunteering as an interviewer, please contact a JGGSF Board Member.