Junior Girls' Golf

Scholarship Foundation

     One of our goals is to keep reaching out to as many women golfers as possible who share our passions as a means to continue our scholarship tradition. Therefore, we would like to establish a Women's Golf Association Scholarship (WGAS) funded by donations from ladies golf associations and women's leagues at courses around Florida. We continue to have several WGA's that donate annually to our fund in the tradition of Penny-a-stroke, which was started by Sarah Huneycutt for whom our major scholarship is awarded in her honor.

     Sometimes in looking forward a nod to past traditions speaks volumes, and a revival of giving in the spirit of the Penny-A-Stroke tradition seems most appropriate. With Penny-A-Stroke, individual members of women's golf associations pledged to donate one penny for each stroke made during play of the group's regular golf outings. Each association collected these penny per stroke donations from their members through the season, and then, at the end of the year, made a single donation totaling all of the penny donations from their members to the scholarship foundation. Other women's associations would hold a single fund-raising event or tournament and donate the proceeds to the scholarship foundation. Each organization approached fundraising from the perspective that worked for them, with the final outcome that all the donations together helped JGGSF make scholarships available. One little penny alone may not seem like much, but all together has helped grow the good done by JGGSF!

    Our goal is two fold: to establish a new scholarship opportunity funded by WGA's across Florida, in the Penny-A-Stroke tradition, and to make more women golfers aware of the JGGSF and the opportunities we afford our young, lady golfers in the state. JGGSF grew out the merger between the Florida State Women's Golf Association (FWSGA) and the Florida State Golf Association (FSGA.) The scholarship fund already established by FWSGA was kept as a separate entity and became the JGGSF.  Over the years we've been able to increase our scholarship giving. We continue to award the Sarah E. Huneycutt scholarship, have added two in memory of Marcia Mileti and Peggy Brass, and through an endowment in 2014 from the Margaret Roberts trust fund, established the Peg and Bill Roberts Scholarship. We continue to strive to help deserving young women seek an education and each year award approximately $40,000 in scholarship monies. We know, with help, we can continue to increase our awards.

     Please consider this opportunity to help.  More information about how your Ladies's Association or Women's Golf League can help can be obtained by clicking here.

Specifying a Donation for the Larry Flynn Memorial Scholarship

The initial funding for the Larry Flynn Memorial scholarship has been provided by the Flynn family, with additional funding coming from the Junior Girls' Golf Scholarship Foundation. Friends of Larry and the Flynn family can ensure the sustainability of this scholarship by designating donations to go toward the specific funding of this scholarship. When making your donation, please designate that your contribution is to be applied to the Larry Flynn Memorial Scholarship funds. 

Where to Send a Donation

     Please consider making a donation to help support the JGGSF. We would be delighted to continue receiving support from former Penny-A-Stroke activities, to accept a donation in memory of a golfing friend who is now dearly missed, or to continue receiving the regular contributions of our many loyal supporters who have been so generous through the years. To make a donation, please contact the JGGSF Treasurer. Donation checks should be made payable to Junior Girls' Scholarship Fund.